Lincy Foundation Donates $250,000 for the Wellness Center: Donation will launch Men’s Health Program

Washington, D.C.: The Armenian American Cultural Association (AACA) announces the most recent donation of the Beverly Hills based Lincy Foundation to the Armenian American Wellness Center (Wellness Center), in Armenia.


Lincy Foundation, a long time sustainer of health and wellness programs in Armenia, continues this commitment with their recent $250,000 donation to AACA, the fourth award made by Lincy Foundation to AACA since 2001.


Kirk Krikorian, Founder of the Lincy Foundation


The Wellness Center has been active in Armenia saving the lives of countless women/mothers since its establishment in 1997.  AACA established the Wellness Center to address the country’s need for the early and accurate detection of breast cancer – which was and still is, the leading cause of cancer deaths among women in Armenia, according to its Ministry of Health.


In addition to promoting its core mission to save lives by educating the public on the importance of the early detection of breast cancer through annual mammograms, monthly breast self-exams, and annual clinical check-ups, AACA also introduced Basic Gynecology and Pathology Laboratory Services at the Wellness Center, in 2001.  This was crucial for the early and accurate detection of cervical cancer, which was and still is, the second cause of cancer deaths among women in Armenia.  In 2003, AACA also introduced Family Medicine at the Wellness Center and Preventive Health Care by educating the public on healthy lifestyles and the importance of annual medical check-ups.  In 2006, AACA was the first to introduce Bone Density Screening and education in Armenia by installing a state-of-the-art digital screening DEXA unit at the Wellness Center.


The Wellness Center has screened a record 165,000 patients since its beginning in April 1997, providing over 215,000 individual medical services to these patients and diagnosing 4,800 cases of breast cancer from stages 1 to 4.  The Wellness Center’s US trained medical staff, has also brought happiness to 78 couples struggling with infertility, by making them parents to 78 “Miracle Babies”.  The Wellness Center has also provided breast screenings to 404 men resulting in the diagnosis of 17 malignant cancers and 222 benign masses.


AACA will utilize the $250,000 gift from Lincy Foundation to introduce a Men’s Health Program/Department at the newly renovated and expanded Wellness Center.  This program will include public education about early detection of men’s urinary diseases, especially prostate cancer by providing annual prostate screeningsdiagnostic testing and follow-up treatment.  The Men’s Health Program/Department will also conduct minor and minimally invasive urological procedures.


The Wellness Center, which has continued operation throughout construction, is nearing completion of a 4-year, $5.5 million renovation and expansion of the 6-story building.  When complete, the Wellness Center, as a state-of-the-art Primary Health Care facility, built in accordance with Western architectural and engineering designs and standards as well as   seismic reinforcement requirements, will continue to provide high quality medical services not only to women but also to men.


AACA relies on the donations of individuals, foundations and corporations to continue its life saving work in Armenia.  AACA is also a proud partner of USAID through its American Schools and Hospitals Abroad (ASHA) and Global Development Alliance (GDA) Programs.


– By Maria Princi

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