The Public Confidence Award for Excellence in Women’s Health Goes to…

Yerevan, Armenia: On  June 24, 2012, the Armenian American Wellness Center received the prestigious Public Confidence Award for Excellence in Women’s Health, presented by the National Council of Public Confidence in Medical Services. The event took place at the Aram Khachatouryan Symphony Hall in Yerevan, Armenia. Mrs. Khachanush Hakobyan, the Executive Director, accepted the award on behalf of the Wellness Center in front of a packed hall of 2,000 spectators and TV cameras, broadcasting nationwide. The Wellness Center was recognized for its high standards of quality care and innovative approaches using latest Western technology and expertise in delivering women’s health services.


The award, established two years ago by the National Council of Public Confidence, presents public’s choice awards for excellence in medicine, ophthalmology, dentistry, and public health.  This is the first year that women’s health was also considered and the award went to the Wellness Center.


The recipients of the awards are chosen based on interviews and surveys conducted by the Council among the public and through questionnaires distributed at work places, public libraries, community centers, and schools.


“The women of Armenia have been putting their trust in us every single day for the past 15 years,” said  Mrs. Hakobyan during her award acceptance speech. Daily, 100-125 patients receive services from one or more of the Wellness Center’s eight departments. Receiving the Public Confidence Award crystallizes the role of the Wellness Center in revolutionizing the health care system in Armenia.


“There is no better recognition than the one coming from those who are being served,” said Ms. Hranush Hakobyan, co-Founder of the Wellness Center, now also the Minister of Diaspora in Armenia.


-By Negar M. Joy

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